29 October 2008

Met Pal Samy Pillai at Nagpur Railway Station

Met retired Subedar Paul Samy from Army Postal Service at Nagpur Railway Station
He came to see off his Army Friends

Got interested in him, asked him who - what - where etc.
1. daughter MBBS, MD at USA married to a MD at USA
2. daughter MBBS studying MD married to a Doctor at Mumbai
3. Son BE, employed at an MNC, unmarried at Nagpur

It is unusual for an Army Subedar to make his Children this High
He was so humble - short heighted - simple dressed - unboastful

What may be his Secret of Success? I wondered?
I came to know he is a Universal Helper - a Social Human

He came to see off his friends at 02.30 am - in his own car
He said his Social Service and Top Notch in performing his official duties may be one of the
reasons for why his children scored high.

He still lives in a rented home at Kamptee Nagpur
I was glad to have met such a Noble Person and Successful one
He is still a +2 man.

Koviloor Mutt

Packed up and Gone for 2 months WOLC course at Tambaram, Chennai
Met Vishalakshmi Meyyappan in Rajdhani AC 3 Tier to Chennai on 25 Oct
2 hrs late, the train - reached late so.
Madame V. knew my uncle Vaithianathan - librarian at VOC college Tuticorin
Prof. Meyyappan served as professor of Geology at VOC in 1990s
Nehru Book Centre Bald head mama helped him to settle there in Tuti.
Madame also remembered Vaithi mama and Dorai Raj sir
So in a way I knew Madame V. already.
Madame V. is now looking after Delhi and Rishikesh branches of the famous Nagarathar Community Kovillor Mutt
Madams daughter is in London as software engineer
So in the old age, both achi and iyer [sorry chettiar] are helping people realise self through Saiva Siddhantham
It is by Providence that I get to know such celebrated souls on my Jouney across India.
We conversed a lot - with the rhythm of the Train Coach
Madame told me, that highly educated people come to Koviloor Mutt at Rishikesh
Where they get Free Food, Lodgings
But they feel dejected at the Gurus incompetency or at the faliure of the Guru
I could not understand this fully - may be the Koviloor Mutt Guru is not such enlightened? after all?
So in a way she conveyed the frustrations in running a Mutt - coming from the Dean of the Mutt
The Koviloor Mutt is not under any aatheenams, it is self sustained by contirbutions, donations from Nagarathar Chettiar community
She asked me to introduce kids, children who are interested to learn Vedanta, Advaitha, Saivism there.
Food, Lodge Free
Also Tuition Free
They run one Montessory school also - this schooling also Free
I am planning to put my daughter there... may be.... first i have to see....
I asked for her Mutts phone number - address
Here it is..
Kovilloe Vedanta Mutt
Koviloor Madalaya Trust & Koviloor Andavar Charitable Trust
Near Swami Dayanada Ashram
Purani Jhadi
Rishikesh 249201
Uttar Pradesh
Phone - 0135-2436968
Mobile - 9412375690
We talked about aatheenams - the Thiru Va Vaduthurai aatheenam ...
She seems to be like Kamala Chithi to me - care free - lean - simple - silk saree - talkative - friendly - child like - open minded
She is alone in this old age - doing all admin services like a Queen...
During the jouney I saw she received a lot of mobile calls all from her Ashram people
Subordinates asking for her advice and help
Appreciable to do this all alone in this age of her 50s...
I promised her to send some interested Kids or Grown Ups to the Ashram
She said, the Ashram now has only 19 people
But it can accomodate upto 50 people
Along the Jouney I played Rummy - to pass the time with other co passengers
This Madame V. helpmed me to play it better.
Infact she helped me with winning - she knew better Rummy than me!
And she confessed that She played for Cash!
But I strongly disagreed - I will never pay for Cash - I dislike Gambling
So Madame Vishalakshi, I adore you, let us hope I can meet you with my family next time
may be I would love to learn from your Guru
Koviloor Mutt guru is one Nagarathar Chettiar man Tavathiru Nachiappa Gynana desika Swami Desikan is the Title.
He has beenacclaimed world over for his expertise in photography and printing technology. He was part of the Kalakshetra established by Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundable for nearly six decades.
He amassed a lot of money in the USA as a Photo Journalist
At the wee end of his life he choose to come to Rishikesh
I want to see this Gyana Desikan... Soon!
I hope you will too! Refer address above!
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